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Management systems

Don’t just be a #cleaningcompany, be a cleaning company that gives a shit.

2 priority for me as the MD of White Horse cleaning services are #employees and #safety.

Which should be obvious right and should be the core focus for all employers.


Firstly, without our employees, White Horse Cleaning services wouldn’t exsist (well it would but it’s no fun trying to take over the world on your own, your might as well have a army behind you too!) and that #army needs systems in place that makes life a little easier, and also allows us to offer employement whilst staying within the legislation ( maybe Boris needs to take note.)

Secondly, every employee has the right to go to work and work in a safe, clean, healthy environment, and that’s why White Horse cleaning services has health and safety management systems in place to make sure we promote, educate and manage a safe working environment for all our employees!

#Beproud, be clean and employ the best!

White Horse cleaning services is creating a work place culture for all!

#work #management #safety #environment #healthandsafety #cleaningservices

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