About Us

White Horse Cleaning services is an award-winning cleaning company provides the full spectrum of maintenance and cleaning services. We cover everything from industrial sites and warehouses to exhibition venues and educational establishments.​

We can also deal with end of tenancy arrangements for commercial or domestic property.​ We offer a service which is tailored to our client's specific requirements. Our commercial cleaning services include contract cleaning, commercial office cleaning and communal area cleaning.

Three members of the White Horse Cleaning Services team posing for a photo during their shift at a school

Our Philosophy

White Horse Cleaning services offers a complete professional, flexible and reliable cleaning services taking great pride in our personal service. All our Team are highly experienced with the Commercial and Domestic sectors which has allowed White Horse cleaning services to gain a great reputation in all work that is undertaken, whether it maybe a office, a home or food factories.

White Horse Cleaning Services’ aim is to grow and become the number one specialist cleaning contractor for commercial cleaning in the Yorkshire region and beyond; becoming the aspirational brand in our marketplaces by developing a unique customer experience.

Eco - Friendly Strategy

Our eco-friendly green cleaning approach is to minimize the impact on the local environment and to maintain and use environmentally safe, low-impact cleaning products.

We continuously aim to improve our impact on the environment by educating, training, and motivating team members to work in an environmentally responsible manner. Moreover, complying with all relevant current legislation and industry standards. Furthermore, by eliminating phosphates and aerosol products alongside with saving energy, water, and other resources while still providing a cleaned and sanitary environment.

The Story Behind White Horse Cleaning Services

We believe that cleaning should be done properly, and to the highest standard every time. With no exceptions. We expect the best and you can see from the testimonials below from satisfied customers, that it’s more than just words – we deliver every time.