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The recycle symbol made out of plastic bottles on a teal background

It’s everyone responsibility!

It wasn’t on my radar but It’s EVERYONES responsible…..

A Few weeks ago I attended a climate change workshop with X-Forces Enterprise and wow, it really did open my eye’s, not just to what WE need to be doing but the great stuff White Horse cleaning services 🐴 are already doing.

Every company has a corporate responsibility to do their bit to reduce their Carbon footprint on our amazing planet and here is a little step White Horse cleaning services is taking to reduce our 1 time use plastic!

White Horse cleaning services has reduced our one time use plastic by 70% by just changing our products to concentrated and swopping our 5 litre plastic container to a 1 liter plastic container. This is also a huge cost Saving. every penny helps.

It’s about everyone doing a little rather than 1 person doing a lot! But most importantly just taking that step to action!

Ps, Two company’s that are leading from the front on change.

Marc Bucci from social socks

Hannah Saunders from Toddle – Born Wild

And they are both from the military community! #winner



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