Achieving IS0 9001 Quality Accreditation

Vector image depicting the process of ISO 9001 accreditation

Over the last couple of weeks, things have been incredibly busy here at White Horse Cleaning Services. Alongside tunning the business, MD Lee and the operations team have been working hard to achieve ISO 9001 Certification.

What does ISO 9001 Certification mean?

ISO 9001 is an important standard for a lot of organisations because it provides a framework for establishing and maintaining a quality management system (aka QMS). It covers a number of different factors, including:

Customer Satisfaction: To become certified, we needed to show that we are focused on meeting customer requirements and improving customer satisfaction. By prioritising the needs of our customers and managing their expectations, we can show that you will receive a level of services that will meet – and exceed – your expectations.

Process Efficiency: ISO 9001 Certification means we have had to identify and document our processes so that there is a clear understanding of how different business activities are connected. By evaluating ourselves, we can make sure our process are as streamlined as possible reducing waste, errors, and inefficiencies.

Continual Improvement: The standard encourages a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation. White Horse Cleaning Services have been committed to improvement since day 1 when Lee set up his carpet cleaning company, but this certification makes sure we stay focussed and continue to improve and enhance our operations and our commercial cleaning services.

International Recognition: ISO 9001 is recognised around the world. You may think that this isn’t relevant for a cleaning company in Yorkshire, but it goes to show that we offer a quality of service to our customers that rivals that of global companies.

Supplier Relationships: ISO 9001 certification encourages us to choose and work with suppliers who also follow the same high standard of quality management principles to establish strong and dependable relationships and ensure consistency across the board.

Risk Management: One of the perks of a company headed up by an Army veteran, we’re pretty good when it comes to managing risks. ISO 9001 encourages risk-based thinking so that you identify and tackle potential risks that could affect the quality of our services or overall performance. This proactive approach helps prevent issues before they turn into serious problems.

Employee Engagement: Implementing ISO 9001 involves employees at all levels, creating a sense of ownership and involvement in our company’s successes.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Following ISO 9001 requirements helps organisations comply with relevant laws and regulations related to their products or services.

Business Improvement and Decision Making: One of the things ISO 9001 emphasises is making decisions based on data so that we can make informed choices.

A Contract Cleaning Company Who Prioritises Quality

Those who have been through the process knows that it takes a lot of time and effort to review all of the processes and procedures within your business, so we were really proud to have been able to go from the initial consultation through to full accreditation in just two weeks. Spearheaded by Craig, our Operations Manager, the team passed the audit with flying colours.

Overall, ISO 9001 provides a structured and systematic approach to quality management,

helping organizations achieve consistent results, satisfy customers, and stay competitive in their industries.

Proof of ISO 9001 Certification  - Certificate No: 416932023